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Post 9 made on Saturday September 5, 2009 at 00:22
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July 2008
Did you try the link in Post 2?

HDMI 1,2,3 & 4 are their in Pronto Hex Form.

I don`t think the Hex Codes you Posted are for IR but are for RS232.

Here are the some Programs I use with a short description of what they are for.

You can use MakeHex to generate all possible IR Hex Codes for your Device.
You will also need IR Tool Modified and DecodeIR.DLL to get the Protocol and Device Number needed for MakeHex and select the IRP File that corresponds to the Protocol info.
You can use CCF Panels (IR Panels) or Hex2CCF to generate a CCF file for testing.

Makes clean IR sequences from IR protocol files. See the readme file for more information.

IR Tools
Decodes a learned infrared Hex codes (only codes that start with 0000) that you paste (Ctrl +V) into the Hex Code Window and press the Decode Hex Button and a box appears to give you information on the protocol, device number and function number. Requires the DecodeIR.DLL file.

File required by DecodeCCF and IR Tools.

Documentation of protocols decoded by DecodeIr.dll is in that .zip file and also online

CCF Panels (IR Panels)
Generate a CCF file from the HEX file created with MakeHex.
After creating a HEX file, open it with a text editor such as NotePad. Use "Edit" "Select All" (or Ctrl +A), then "Edit" "Copy" (or Ctrl +C) to copy all the text. Then start IrPanels and use Ctrl +V to paste the text into its window and press Generate CCF File. A CCF file will be created in the IR Panels Folder called IRCodesCreate (Don`t use the file called IRCodes Master) that you can use for testing in a Pronto Remote and some others.

These also can be helpful,

Decodes all learned infrared codes in a CCF file and gives you information on the protocol, device number and function number. Requires the DecodeIR.DLL file.

Generate a CCF file from files created with MakeHex.

Just read all the readme files for more information.

Do this at your own risk.
You may find something that you are not suppose to like a Service Menu or have undesired results.
Pay Attention to how your Device is reacting to the generated IR Hex Codes.


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