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Post 14 made on Tuesday March 3, 2009 at 20:40
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March 2008

Hi Marco!

I did exactly what you are looking for.
But let me tell you, that it's not that easy!

First of all: the features
below the images I will describe how I realize this.
just let me say: it's absolutely impossible(!) to let the Pronto handle the 10-20MB XML file! (would take hours or even crash the Pronto script-engine completely)

- 27 Channels per page
- multiple pages (up/down)
- "running now", "coming next" (left/right)
- progress-bar behind the title
- "TV Movie" Star rating (1-5: grey to full red star icon)
- detailed description including additional title, show type, year, aspect ratio, b/w? and list of actors

How all this works:
A Windows-Server running TV Movie Clickfinder, creates the tvdata.xml with tvm2xml every midnight and then copies the file to a samba shared directory on a Linux Server.

The Linux Server parses the XML and writes all into a mySQL Database (takes a few minutes).
Every minute an epg.xml is created with the data out of the database just containing times and show titles for "now" and "next"

The Pronro fetches the epg.xml via tcp/http, parses it and displays the main screen.
It holds the XML data for the 4 pages (channel list 1 now/next, channel list 2 now/next) in memory.
If you scroll with the scrollwheel to a specific show, you can hit [OK], then the detailed show information and actor list is downloaded from the Linux Server.
(detailed description is scrollable on the Pronro screen via the wheel)

The programming stuff on the Linux Server was done in Perl.

I'd like to sell the "Pronto EPG" but due to the amount of special configuration which is nessesary and the Linux server, it seems unpossible to redistribute it.


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