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Post 1 made on Saturday August 23, 2008 at 18:04
Lyndel McGee
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August 2001
As with any new software, folks who are not used to it may assume there's a problem. This thread is being opened as an Unofficial FAQ for assistance with issues.

If you have something valid to add, please do so. Let's try and keep this thread focused such that Daniel might be able to use it as FAQ content.

1. The File->Import/Export ProntoScript... option is used to package various activies to a portable gallery much like MyDatabase.

It should not be used to Open PEPV1 configurations. Use File->Open Project... instead.

2. There's a optimization feature in PEPV2 such that any panels with textual labels and Font Size of None (0) will have text removed during download.

This can affect any ProntoScript that is reading text from panel labels for purposes of eval() or other use such as Andre's RSS License Page. Prior to download, you will need to change these panels to have a non-zero font size. If you do this, your prontoscript-based activities should run without any problems.

FYI, I've reported this as a bug as there are reasons why one might want to put text into panels and have font size be set to 'None'. Hopefully, in a future release, this will be addressed. For now, we have to live with it.

Known ProntoScript Modules with problems. Contact the community-based author for remedies or up-to-date info.

Andre's RSS Reader V2 (Andre du Fresne)
EscientPronto (Lyndel McGee)

3. Update - PEPv2 now supports Merge Configuration option. For versions prior to this version, the following item applies.

Previous Item #3. Merge no longer supported - Well, not in the way we know it from PEPv1...

You can do the equivalent of merge but done slightly different. You can open them individually in PEPV2 and drag the activity into ProntoScript Modules or the Gallery as Gallery now supports Activities, I believe. From there, you can pull them into any config you like without having to merge using a simple drag and drop. Many of the things that used be stored in a GEF file now are just files on the hard drive.

To see how all this stuff looks on the hard drive (files and folders), open C:\Document And Settings\All Users\Application Data\Philips\ProntoEdit Professional 2.0\Gallery

Files with extensions of .xgf are really configuration files (xcfs) renamed for Gallery use and I don't believe these have system pages inside them.

4. Is it possible to use a Symbol followed by Text in a label?
What I'm trying to do is to add the symbol for 'play' followed by 'play' in text, however in the editor I have to choose between symbols or text.

Please see this post.

5. I'm having problems associating an Extender/IR Port with an Activity

Excerpted/Edited from here...


Following upgrade of PEPv1 configuration to PEPv2...

If I select an Activity from the Activity Tree and click on say Extender 1, I get the option for which IR Port to select. It would appear that in PEPv2 which ever IR Port is selected that it applies for All Devices/Activities.

I dont seem to be able to have one Device/Activity (eg HD DVD Player) on IR Port 1 and another on IR Port 4 (say Blu Ray player). Actually I also noticed that if I select Extender 1 then All Activities/Devices appear to be using Extender 1

And if I unselect extender one for one Activity/Device it removes it from ALL Activities/Devices.

In PEPv2, the Extender and IR Ports are assigned to a Project Component. The Extender/Port that is displayed is based on the selected Project Component, not the Device/Activity in the Tree View. Under Building Blocks, Project Components, simply select the component you would like to assign to an Extender and then specify the IR port. Note that this is a significant change from PEPv1 where Extenders/IR Ports were assigned at the Activity Level.

F1 Help also has information about working with Components spread across the Quick-Start Wizard and Building Block Topics.

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Lyndel McGee
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