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Post 3 made on Thursday October 30, 2003 at 02:34
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October 2003

Thanks for the reply. You've cleared some things up for me. BTW, the Denon document I was referring to is located at: [Link:]

It doesn't explicitly say that the Power-On/Off codes were non-repeating ... that was just my own assumption. At the risk of showing my ignorance (yep, I got lots of it ... LOL), I thought that non-repeating code types were for single commands (like a power command, input select command) and repeating code types were for functions that would keep repeating if you continue to hold down a particular button (like a Volume+ command) ... is this wrong thinking?

I suppose that if the Sharp IR protocol doesn't use any non-repeating code types, the Pronto HEX format would always look something like this:
0000 006D 0000 0020 ... (followed by the encoding for the 32-bit command, along with the lead-out sequence at the appropriate times)
Where the 3rd HEX value "0000" represents a zero-length non-repeating code and the 4th hex value represents a 32-bit long repeating code.
If I understand correctly now, it seems as though all Denon codes are considered repeating, with the first "half" (16-bits) being the Device/function pair listed in the table from the Denon website, and the second "half" being the same Device code, but having inverted function (& extension) bits. Does this sound correct?

Also, it looks like you were right about the 8-bit "Function" field (instead of 6). I just mis-understood the table in the Denon documentation.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback - I think I'm starting to get it.

- Pfliegster

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