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Post 114 made on Thursday November 3, 2005 at 22:10
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November 2001
On 11/02/05 16:12 ET, wjjz106 said...
Lowpro, I wholeheartedly second the motion!

My wife has come to me on occasions telling me
she couldn't use the remote because it is "frozen".

She had mistakenly pressed the browse backward
button, as the last waiting/loading page is being
displayed when I go and examine the remote.

As for a work-around (not), I've removed the browse
backward action from the page that the last waiting/loading
pages jump to.

The tag feature would prove invaluable and make
family life more enjoyable :-).

-- wjjz106

I've been working on my new pcf for about 3 months. It all started when an inspiration occurred while studying how Lowpro's DVD Lobby worked. I loved the way the DVD Lobby Genres are displayed and navigated in Lowpro's file. It's absolute genius in its simplicity. It's like using the Arrow Keys in Windows. Almost everyone knows how this works without explanation so I decided to build my whole pcf (activities, control, & movie library) based on this concept. It became quite a task when I had to deal with the Browse backward button. The browse backward button was a problem for me also (similar to other complaints/wishes listed in previous posts). I came up with a bullet proof work around, but the huge amount of devices needed to accomplish the workaround testifies to the importance of this requested feature. My new PCF will be posted soon :). I call it “The Patriot”. And speaking of acknowledging other’s hard work:

Thanks to the Pronto Team for the continued upgrades to the Pronto Editor. While there is always room for improvement, the latest Editor has made it possible to tackle a much bigger pcf file with anticipation instead of dread :). The drag and drop (with active graphics) is a dream come true! And after hundreds of saves, downloads, and uploads I can say your program truly deserves the mantle of “rock solid”.

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