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Post 110 made on Wednesday November 2, 2005 at 11:54
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March 2004
While we are on the subject ....

Can we please be able to tag pages in the editor that we don't want included in the Browse Backward stack? Thanks in advanced ProntoTeam!!!!

Waiting/loading screens is the first excellent example of why we need this feature. Let's say I execute my System On macro from my Home page. When doing so you are taken through a series of loading screens while you wait, the last page being my Activites page as the macro completes. Currently browse backward takes you back through each of the loading screens of course. This is just silly!

Unfortunately we currently have no way of telling the browse backward stack to ignore those loading screen pages. If I could tag those pages in the editor (I would do this for all such pages) to be ignored by the browse backward stack executing a browse backward from my Activites page at this point would take me all the way back to the page I was on just prior to the first loading screen. That page for me is a conditional page asking if my projector should be included when the macro runs or not. I would tag that one as well this way the one browse backward from my Activites page would take you all the way back to my Home page. My DVD disc loading macros would benefit from this greatly as well!

It's important to note that the remote can only remember the last 9 page navigations made. It will only browse backwards that many times in a row. So what happens if you browse backward for instance through the entire browse backward stack and end up getting stuck on a loading screen? :-P My work around for this is by making each loading screen (except for the progress bar) one big button. When tapping any given loading screen it automatically jumps you to the target page the loading screens were intended to take you to. Full proof work around, but it's ridiculous that I can browse backward through my loading screens to begin with. While I know there is a limit to how intuitive these remotes will ever be in their current form adding the feature I've suggested would at least give the remote the appearance of being more intuitive. I did not have loading screens in my .pcf file for the longest time, because I thought it was so stupid you could browse backwards through them. Eventually I gave in as it was more important to have them in place than not.

If the ProntoTeam happens to read this please consider making this a reality if possible. We need the ability to tag any given page in the editor, so that it's ignored by the browse backward stack. If our Pronto's can't get any smarter at least give us the ability to create the illusion that they are. This is a much needed feature in my opinion.

a.k.a. Lowpro

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