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Post 105 made on Tuesday November 1, 2005 at 03:17
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June 2001
Found another wierdness. This time with 3.7.7. Not sure if it's related to the new version, too, but didn't want to fool with that one and it's problem, as this seems similar.

This pcf has 7 icon pages for favorites. Each one has a jump to a single Numbers page, for channel surfing, and then a Browse Back to whatever Favorites page you came from. All works as it should, except one.
On that page, I have all the music channel favorites. There's also a button to turn off the plasma, while listening to music, because the Motorola cable box keeps the screen on. When you decide to jump to the Numbers page (button labled More on this page), I've included a link to turn the plasma back on, in case it was off.
Again, not rocket science. Used this on many jobs.
What's different is this plasma takes about 5 to 7 seconds to come back on to a viewable brightness, so I put a delay in the macro and a jump to a Wait screen at the beginning. And this, too, works. It jumps to the same Numbers page, numbers work.

BUT..... when you hit the Back button to Browse Backward to the Music page, it executes the same Wait screen, and just stops right there!

As you know, when a Special Action is used, like Browse Back, there's no way to include a jump, to a wait screen, or any other command. And I wish I could do that, sometimes. (hint, hint, Pronto gurus....)

If I remove the jump to a Wait at the beginning of the macro, everything works, back and forth.
For some reason, it seems to think that since it used a Jump-to-Wait Screen to get there, it should use one again on the Browse back. But then it figures out it shouldn't have that command, because it's not allowed, so Freeze! Buttons still beep, but nothing happens.

In the interest of testing further, I took your suggestion and made the bottom right Navigate button a Special Action, jump to Home. It beeps, like the rest, but just sits there, frozen on the Wait screen.
Gotcha. Repeatable every time.

I can work around it. Sure would be nice to not have another wierdness to watch out for, though.
And I thought I was safe with 3.7.7..........!

Almost forgot, e-mailed the pcf to you.
Made sure it got sent this time!


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