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Post 93 made on Thursday October 27, 2005 at 16:14
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June 2001
Since the boys are working on our problems, and will most likely have another rev soon, could we ask them to maybe add a few enhancements?

One of the things I liked about the older editors was renaming things. You could hit F2, change a name, hit enter, because that Enter button was already highlighted.
With the NG editor, we have to grab the mouse and click. Small thing, but sure makes changes faster. This and the F7 key would make a great pair.

The other "feature" that bites me, if I'm not paying attention, (yeah, you can go there) is the use of closing an edit window by clicking on the X box, top right. In ANY other Windows based program, that means close the window, no changes or actions. Why they chose to adopt this new method on the NG editor is odd. Sometimes I have to go back to make sure what I did was accepted. If there's an Okay, or Apply, it makes far more sense. Then, too, if you make a mistake, or just want to NOT make any changes, you can't.
AND, just when you get used to it, they sneak up on me again with the Learn IR Code window. If, after learning one, you hit the X box, like all the other edit windows, you just lost the learned code !!!! You have to click the Okay button.
Could we make all the edit windows with an Okay button? Far more intuitive.
AND...... please, could we make a shortcut key so we don't have to use the mouse? I know we can't use Enter, specially on text windows, because you might want to add another line of text to a button or frame. So, maybe an F8 or F9 or Alt-K, or......

And since we're wishing on a star, bring back the Drag To Resize a Frame or Button with no icon. Having to guess at this gets old, specially after using it for years. Old habits are hard to break on us old dogs!

Thanks for being the Lady of Liason !
You're doing a VERY good thing.

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