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Post 27 made on Friday October 13, 2006 at 18:53
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On October 13, 2006 at 04:20, Eigeny Oulianov said...
cond1.pcf (8578 bytes) is a PCF. If you will open it in
WinRAR (in stead of ProntoProEdit NG), it will contain
a file "\ConfigEdit.xml" (135301 bytes) and a comment

There is no graphics in it, so folder "\Bitmaps" is absent.

What is the Pronto model you want to use for?

You can open it in ProntoEdit NG and in ProntoProEdit

What is the program that contains the empty view "zip

Hi Eigeny,

I just downloaded it again and instead of my PC seeing a Zip file is now sees a .pcf and I have been able to open in ProntoEdit NG. So thank you again.

Are you saying that the Pronto won't fire the codes as they are currently stored? Unfortunately I can not test these at the moment however I will hopefully be able to so as I hope to get a test system from the Daikin dealer we are buying the systems from. I believe it is a remote control (the version that will be supplied with our installed systems) and some a Daikin interface board that will accept the IR signal and then do something. Not sure exactly what probably switch a LED or relay on or off which will probably be sufficient to prove the IR TX-RX bit.

The codes that you have sent which remote is it? The BRC4C153? I know that this is not the remote that untimately I will be using so if it is could I respectfully ask you for the codes of the remote control that I will be ultimately using when it is known.

Once I have the test Daikin IR system I will feedback how it all went.



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