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Post 15 made on Wednesday October 4, 2006 at 21:34
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July 2005
Hi Guys,

I have done a search on the forum and unearthed the following info from [Link:] they have codes from Daikin remotes of various models here is the remote codes from the unit I am current using that I have on loan

the forum thread is [Link:]

DaikinAircon(BRC4C153)=Daikin Aircon (BRC4C153),*
Code2A=*,16 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,09,27,2C,27,7F,01
Code2B=+,16 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code2C=+,16 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code2D=+,16 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,8F
Code2E=+,16 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,77,80,FF
Code3A=*,16 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code3B=+,16 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code3C=+,16 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code3D=+,16 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,8F
Code3E=+,16 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,70,80,FF
Code4A=*,17 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code4B=+,17 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code4C=+,17 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code4D=+,17 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,FB,FF,FF,F7
Code4E=+,17 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,B7,80,FF
Code5A=*,17 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code5B=+,17 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code5C=+,17 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code5D=+,17 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,F7
Code5E=+,17 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,30,80,FF
Code6A=*,18 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,27,7F,01
Code6B=+,18 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code6C=+,18 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code6D=+,18 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,B7
Code6E=+,18 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,57,80,FF
Code7A=*,18 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code7B=+,18 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code7C=+,18 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code7D=+,18 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,B7
Code7E=+,18 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,50,80,FF
Code8A=*,19 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code8B=+,19 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code8C=+,19 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code8D=+,19 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,D7
Code8E=+,19 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,17,80,FF
Code9A=*,19 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code9B=+,19 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code9C=+,19 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code9D=+,19 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,D7
Code9E=+,19 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,10,80,FF
Code10A=*,20 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code10B=+,20 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code10C=+,20 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code10D=+,20 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,97
Code10E=+,20 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,67,80,FF
Code11A=*,20 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code11B=+,20 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code11C=+,20 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code11D=+,20 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,97
Code11E=+,20 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,60,80,FF
Code12A=*,21 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code12B=+,21 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code12C=+,21 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code12D=+,21 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,E7
Code12E=+,21 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,27,80,FF
Code13A=*,21 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code13B=+,21 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code13C=+,21 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code13D=+,21 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,E7
Code13E=+,21 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,20,80,FF
Code14A=*,22 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code14B=+,22 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code14C=+,22 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code14D=+,22 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,A7
Code14E=+,22 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,47,80,FF
Code15A=*,22 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code15B=+,22 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code15C=+,22 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code15D=+,22 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,A7
Code15E=+,22 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,40,80,FF
Code16A=*,23 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,27,7F,01
Code16B=+,23 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code16C=+,23 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code16D=+,23 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,C7
Code16E=+,23 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,07,80,FF
Code17A=*,23 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code17B=+,23 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code17C=+,23 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code17D=+,23 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,C7
Code17E=+,23 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,00,80,FF
Code18A=*,24 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code18B=+,24 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code18C=+,24 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code18D=+,24 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,87
Code18E=+,24 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,7B,80,FF
Code19A=*,24 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code19B=+,24 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code19C=+,24 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code19D=+,24 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,87
Code19E=+,24 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,7F,80,FF
Code20A=*,25 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,27,7F,01
Code20B=+,25 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code20C=+,25 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code20D=+,25 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,FB
Code20E=+,25 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,3B,80,FF
Code21A=*,25 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code21B=+,25 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code21C=+,25 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code21D=+,25 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,FB
Code21E=+,25 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,3F,80,FF
Code22A=*,26 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code22B=+,26 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code22C=+,26 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code22D=+,26 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,BB
Code22E=+,26 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,5B,80,FF
Code23A=*,26 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code23B=+,26 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code23C=+,26 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code23D=+,26 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,BB
Code23E=+,26 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,5F,80,FF
Code24A=*,27 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code24B=+,27 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code24C=+,27 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code24D=+,27 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,DB
Code24E=+,27 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,1B,80,FF
Code25A=*,27 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code25B=+,27 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code25C=+,27 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code25D=+,27 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,DB
Code25E=+,27 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,1F,80,FF
Code26A=*,28 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code26B=+,28 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code26C=+,28 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code26D=+,28 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,9B
Code26E=+,28 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,6B,80,FF
Code27A=*,28 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code27B=+,28 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code27C=+,28 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code27D=+,28 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,9B
Code27E=+,28 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,6F,80,FF
Code28A=*,29 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code28B=+,29 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code28C=+,29 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code28D=+,29 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,EB
Code28E=+,29 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,2B,80,FF
Code29A=*,29 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code29B=+,29 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code29C=+,29 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code29D=+,29 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,EB
Code29E=+,29 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,2F,80,FF
Code30A=*,30 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,0A,28,2C,28,7F,01
Code30B=+,30 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code30C=+,30 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code30D=+,30 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,AB
Code30E=+,30 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,4B,80,FF
Code31A=*,30 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code31B=+,30 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code31C=+,30 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code31D=+,30 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,AB
Code31E=+,30 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,4F,80,FF
Code32A=*,31 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code32B=+,31 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code32C=+,31 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code32D=+,31 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,CB
Code32E=+,31 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,0B,80,FF
Code33A=*,31 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code33B=+,31 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code33C=+,31 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code33D=+,31 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,CB
Code33E=+,31 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,0F,80,FF
Code34A=*,32 Deg Fan High Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,27,7F,01
Code34B=+,32 Deg Fan High Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code34C=+,32 Deg Fan High Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code34D=+,32 Deg Fan High Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,8B
Code34E=+,32 Deg Fan High Swing,53,FF,FB,73,80,FF
Code35A=*,32 Deg Fan Low Swing,21,12,18,0A,27,2C,28,7F,01
Code35B=+,32 Deg Fan Low Swing,00,F0,39,77,A4,17,E7,DF,FF
Code35C=+,32 Deg Fan Low Swing,87,80,FC,8A,00,F0,79,77,A4
Code35D=+,32 Deg Fan Low Swing,17,E7,FF,31,FF,7B,FF,FF,8B
Code35E=+,32 Deg Fan Low Swing,57,FF,FB,77,80,FF

these codes relate to the following instruction set

16 Deg Fan High Swing
16 Deg Fan Low Swing
17 Deg Fan High Swing
17 Deg Fan Low Swing
18 Deg Fan High Swing
18 Deg Fan Low Swing
19 Deg Fan High Swing
19 Deg Fan Low Swing
20 Deg Fan High Swing
20 Deg Fan Low Swing
21 Deg Fan High Swing
21 Deg Fan Low Swing
22 Deg Fan High Swing
22 Deg Fan Low Swing
23 Deg Fan High Swing
23 Deg Fan Low Swing
24 Deg Fan High Swing
24 Deg Fan Low Swing
25 Deg Fan High Swing
25 Deg Fan Low Swing
26 Deg Fan High Swing
26 Deg Fan Low Swing
27 Deg Fan High Swing
27 Deg Fan Low Swing
28 Deg Fan High Swing
28 Deg Fan Low Swing
29 Deg Fan High Swing
29 Deg Fan Low Swing
30 Deg Fan High Swing
30 Deg Fan Low Swing
31 Deg Fan High Swing
31 Deg Fan Low Swing
32 Deg Fan High Swing
32 Deg Fan Low Swing

As we suspected they seem to be sending, temp set then fan speed and then if the swing mode is set.

By the way the hex code I sent in my previous post has the swing mode in the off position. I didn't realise that this was sent until I saw this information.

I hope that this makes sense and assist to working out what needs to be done to have them work in the pronto and hopefully some other remote brands as well. As I stated in a earlier post for a lot of the ares I am hoping to use a more cost effective remote maybe a Sunwave or URC the like. I will still be using my Pronto TSU-7000.

Does this info assist johnsfine??



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