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Post 31 made on Sunday January 25, 2009 at 21:26
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January 2009
Many, many thanks to those that have contributed to this thread, especially johnsfine and grzpeat. With their generous help I was able to slog through and get the Motorola VIP1216 working with my Control4 HC300.

The Control4 HC300 uses the same code structure as the Pronto, so this should work for most (non Neo) Pronto owners.

Following johnsfine's recommendation, perform the following steps:

- Download MakeHex from the RemoteCentral files area (googling for makehex returned it as the first match)
- Unzip MakeHex
- Open Nokia32.irp in notepad (it's part of
- Change the line "Device=33.160" to "Device=35.64"
- Save the file as "VIP1216.irp"
- Open a command prompt
- Navigate to the directory where makehex was unzipped
- Run "MakeHex VIP1216.irp"
- Open "VIP1216.hex" in notepad

I spent the last couple hours checking each code in the hex file (be careful trying this on your own devices since some devices can be damaged by this). Here are the codes I came across. The VIP1216 will flash the power light whenever it receives a function that it recognizes. Any functions not specifically listed did not cause the VIP1216 power light to flash.

Function: Description
0-9: Keypad 0-9
10: Last
12: Power Toggle
13: Mute Toggle
15: Info
16: Volume Up
17: Volume Down
32: Channel Up
33: Channel Down
40: Fast Forward (Forward 1 day on guide)
41: Rewind (Back 1 day on guide)
44: Play
48: Pause
49: Stop
51: Pause
55: Record
56: AT&T U-bar
57: Not sure but flashes IR indicator
60: Not sure but flashes IR indicator
61: Off (Discrete)
63: Not sure but flashes IR indicator
68: Recorded TV
76: Jump forward a few seconds
77: Jump back seven seconds
78: Enter (Zoom)
84: Menu
85: Exit to Live TV
88: Up Arrow
89: Down Arrow
90: Left Arrow
91: Right Arrow
92: OK
109: AT&T U-bar
110: Not sure but flashes IR indicator
111: Not sure but flashes IR indicator
112: AT&T U-bar
131: Back
134: Not sure but flashes IR indicator
158: Delete
177: Display AV Menu (Aspect Ratio, Language, Subtitles)
204: Guide
225: Aspect Ratio Toggle
240: Video on Demand
253: AT&T U-bar

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