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Post 15 made on Wednesday January 1, 2003 at 11:42
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December 2002
I am unsure who will purchase the Ipronto with its current limited application. For the money its not far away from the much more compex Tablet pc's that can do so much more better. I wonder if Philips would consider releasing its fantastic pronto software for use on one of these tablets running XP tablet edition. The only main thing putting me off a tablet is the lack of instant infra red. I would be frustrated in having to wait a second or two after pressing the desired button for the action to commence. This would make channel surfing on my TV a bit slow (An Ipronto strongpoint). I want one device that does both things, a high powered computer with the sophistication of an ever upgradeable system controler, it must also be able to run microsofts RDP software as a remote screen via 802.11b. The more i look at the symfony the more i think of it as a tablet with clever software, there are much higher specced tablets available that could run the same software, this seems like the route i will have to take.

Sorry to drone on.

Very excited and money is burning the preverbial hole, but it must be the right choice.

1699 for a remote that can only surf the web at 640X480 seems like poor value for money. My ipaq can do all this for under 200 three times the size should be three times the price.

And the pronto software for the ipaq cost me 10 the infra red plugin is only 35 for 99% of the versitality of the pronto pro and the ablilty to surf the web and take dictation aswell as play MP3's and display photo's at higher resolution.

I used to manage a hifi store and the margin on Philips Pronto's was 47.5%. More than the 10% on an Ipaq.

I think you can all understand what i am saying even if i have written it poorly.


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