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Post 1 made on Saturday April 3, 2004 at 06:23
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December 2003
Hello A/V Gods,

After a month of researching remotes for a client, we settled on the Ipronto. I have never programmed one or any other Pronto previously but figured I would take it on for the experience. That was 8 weeks ago. After it was late shipped, arrived DOA, had conflicting warranty coverage, then took 10 days to get it back I then started trying to program it. I'll admit I am at best average on the computer it took me more than 6 weeks just to find, dowmload and open the zip file. This was my 1st time to ever use a "zip" file. And I must say, it was a nice experience for me and the guys at Phillip's Help Center. It seems I have made about 25+ phone calls of problems and I hadn't even opened the file yet. After adding several things to my computer, I finally opened it. It has been 10 days since that break thru day came for me. The Programming Instructions, like this forum, has went from looking Greek to where i can understand and apply most of it. But I must say, this learning curve has came with alot of stress and frustration. It would of been much easier, at least on me, if there was an actual Manual with easy to follow instruction on programming or a disc that came with unit for editing.

Anyhow. Sorry i had to post this much condensed version of my frustrations. Thought I put it in writing incase someone else is having a hard time now like I was then. ...and one other thing to note, if you are that person recently getting this remote and are going thru this difficult time trying to program it. The answer is "NO". The remote does not come with a single-shot bullet chamber built in. Seems they were losing to many Techs while it was under development at Phillip's Research Lab and chose to leave this handy feature out. it turned out, I could of used this feature on several occasions. The rounded corners of the remote just don't have the same impact to the head.

Okay, now here is my question. Could someone please tell me how to make a button stay pressed in the command mode for about 2 seconds???? I need it for programming Macros for "all On and off" for my Plus Projector and Curtains. Customer want to hit one button and have curtains open, projector come on, power on to all components etc. However the Curtains and Projector buttons have to be physically held down to do this. Is this possible in a Macro Sequence? I've tried entering the "power" command in rapid fire sequence but didn't work. Pronto guys say it want work. Tell me it will.....I need a little sunshine!

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