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Post 17 made on Sunday April 10, 2005 at 13:34
Barry Gordon
Founding Member
August 2001
I am more or less satisfied with my iPronto, but I use it in a very limited manner, more like the control screen of a crestron.

In the crestron systems I am familiar with the handheld screen is "DUMB" and does nothing more than a stripped down iPronto with out the EPG capability and web surfing. All of the real work is done by the Crestron controller, a dedicated PC like device with a lot of software running in it.

I built my system based on this design, never use the EPG and never go web surfing with the pronto. I do control an Audiotron (Audiotron control is web based) from it and can control my house since the house control system is web based. Basically the iPronto emits IR commands in a fixed protocol (NEC) to a PC that has a NEC receiver/decoder on an RS232 port. the PC sees device code, function code. I wanted to do RF but the Netx is whole other story of disappointment.

I am still annoyed with the performance of the iPronto just doing its basic stuff (emit IR when I program it to, and change to a new screen when I program that). At times the dealys are unreasonable!. Sometimes the audible click is there sometimes it is not. The IR is received by a PC which does all of the logic and emits IR to each component that needs to be told what to do, or RS232 or X10... In effect I have a Crestron for about $2800 in hardware costs and a lot of programming time. But my time is free to me!.

I have been working on a stripped down version of the program that I may distribute. It is based on an inexpensive IR receiver and an inexpensifve IR transmitter, both running off a PC, and each costing about $50. The transmitter can directly connect to a Xantech network and accepts from the PC standard pronto hex format (lerned codes)

Now my Gripes / frustrations:

The iPronto should never have to be reset. The whole industry should be ashamed of the fact that many microprocessor based devices have to be reset (rebooted), and we as consumers should never let them get away with it.

The iPronto should always respond (and very quickly) when the iPronto is moved or the side button pressed, by turning on the backlight. I am debating leaving the backlight on for a much longer time than 1 minute and see what happens to the battery drain (and more important the backlight life span). Anybody have thoughts on this?

I still am positive in my decision to by the iPronto, but I use it in a very limited manner. I am very negative in my opinion of the Philips organization and no longer buy their vapor ware products. (by that I mean if it has the Philips brand I reject it out of pocket).

I am not bashing Philips, but I am not a fool nor do I expect large corporations to change. I just eliminate them as suppliers.

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