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Post 2 made on Tuesday April 26, 2005 at 05:45
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The default Home page uses parallelogram shaped buttons that are actually *.PNG graphics that have the button label imbedded in the bitmap so iProntoEdit cannot change the text. However it is possible to extract these bitmaps and use a PNG type of bitmap editor to paint over the emebedded labels, thus producing buttons that can carry the normal button label text.

To extract these bitmaps (or any other graphic file used in an iPronto confiuration) it is only necessary to realise that *.ICF files are actually ZIP files that have the actual bitmap files embedded in it. So either rename the DEFAULT.ICF file to DEFAULT.ZIP or use right-click>OpenWith and choose WinZip (if installed). Either way when opened with WinZip the bitmap files are all visible and can be extracted in the usual way ready for bitmap editing. Once the bitmaps are as you want them it is a simple matter to Import them back into the Button Properties with iProntoEdit or if the files have not changed in size replace the existing files within the ICF file using WinZip. Don't forget to rename the file back to .ICF before opening it again in iProntoEdit.

These home page default buttons are the only examples of *.PNG bitmaps in the entire DEFAULT.ICF file and are a good example of how these can use a transparent background.

Tip: when entering new text labels for these button the text will not appear until the font size has been changed from None.

Also a good approximation for the text colour to match the original embedded text is R=255,G=240,B=200

I have modified my own layout his way so I hope it works for you!

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