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Post 1 made on Tuesday November 21, 2006 at 21:49
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2 6400's, 2 Net Extenders, Linksys WRT54G w/ newest firmware, WAP54G w/ newest firmware.

One 6400 is for the theater, the other for whole house music. Each of the 4 philips devices has a static IP address. The whole house Net Extender is named "NETXWH" and the theater "NETXTH". Both are located in the theater equipment rack approximately 5 feet from the WRT54G. The WAP54G is located approximately 40' away in the family room and the 6400 for that room stays within 15' of the access point at all times.
WRT54G has an SSID of 1DavidNet29 and the theater 6400 and both net extenders are configured to connect to this same SSID. WAP54G has SSID of 2DavidNet29 and whole house 6400 is configured to look for this SSID.

System worked as well as a 6400 with net extenders could work for over a year. Customer did not want his SSID broadcast so we disabled broadcast. This had horrible effect on the entire system. Re-enabled SSID broadcast.
Now the whole house net extender (NETXWH) needs to be rebooted constantly. Started out every couple of days, working it's way down to every couple of hours.
I replaced the net extender with the one out of our showroom which has worked perfectly for over a year. This worked fine for a weekend before the issues began again.

Both net extenders show an amber light at all times as though they're connected to the network. However, in the config menu of both 6400's NETXWH will not show up with out a reboot. The whole house 6400 will sometimes not show NETXTH either.

This config worked well for over a year. The only thing that changed was disabling the SSID broadcast for about 3 weeks and then re-enabling.

Philips 6400 expert told meover the phone that it sounded like a bad net extender. Unfortunately, the new net extender only extended the amount of time needed between reboots. They now want $15 to continue the discussion.

Hopefully this is enough info to work with. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Our next step is to pull the system and start fresh with another control system.


As of 11/28/06 the newly installed Net Extender (NETXWH) needs rebooting every couple of hours.

Has no one ever heard of this happening?

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