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Post 5 made on Friday February 23, 2007 at 10:48
One In A Million
May 2004
Well, my theory is a little different, first i have a button on my nightstand, when i press that button, it pulls on string, which is attached to a small lever, the lever moves and a small metallic marble rolls down handcrafted rails, which leads to the first of many dominoes, that extend all the way to my kitchen, once the dominoes are done, now heres the tricky part....., my cat catches the marble and may play with it for an extended period of time, which in relative theroy is my TIME delay. Now i cannot program exactly how long he plays with the marble, of course it varies, sometimes i use catnip to extend the macro.... once he is done, he will move the marble to a "golf cup hole" in my living room, which funnels a small PVC pipe on a 196 degree angle to my basement door, this is where the magic happens, as soon as the marble hits the door, my dog thinks he heard a mouse, so he comes running into the Dog hole in the door and runs into a net, which is attached to the ON switch of my coffee pot, and.....................VIOLA, morning coffee is made.

Thanks for reading, it cannot do timed events and YES, it is all about ME!!


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