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Post 5 made on Friday August 17, 2007 at 06:49
igor burger
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May 2004
In theory, you can use the Irponto to send IR commands to a marmitek powermid transmitter (sort of like the Extender, but different and way cheaper). This transmitter translates the IR command to an RF signal which is picked up by a powermid receiver. This receiver translates the RF signal back to the original IR command and sends it to whatever device you were trying to use. This set is used to control equipment in cabinets and other rooms. Again in theory, the RF signal send by the transmitter can be used to control your RF enabled Dish Receiver. The issue though is that the RF signal is a translated IR signal. There's a small program "out there" which I used to get my X10 working. I use the IR-RF743 receiver (which receives both IR as RF X10 commands to control my x10 operated lights/appliances over the power line.
Due to some stupid electrical interference, I can't use the IR743 (only IR) anymore and have the IR-RF743 somewhere out of sight of my Ipronto. I use the transmitter (in sight of my Ipronto) to convert the Ipronto's IR command into an x10 RF command which operates the IR-RF743 which in turn controls the x10 operated lights/appliances. The software mentioned basically "translates" first the correct corresponding RF command into an IR command which is learned by the Ipronto. This IR command is different than the normal IR command (A1 on, off, bright or dim) but is translated by the transmitter in the correct RF command for the IR-RF receiver. The output RF signal is the same as the marmitek universal remote's RF command. Somewhat of a work around but it works. Don't know if there's software to correctly translate your RF commands in the correct IR commands required but probably some of the tech guys around can answer this.

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