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Post 38 made on Tuesday June 10, 2008 at 12:23
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August 2001
I'm Matt, I suppose I was officially trained as an audio engineer, but never really went into the field after college and decided that rather than sweeping floors for years before getting a chance at the console that I would investigate custom installations. I've always been interested in system design and can remember looking at the Crutchfield magazines my brother used to get and putting together 'dream' systems when I was still in junior high. My first job out of college was at a custom installation that included satellite downlinks....yes, big dish stuff. It's funny, I think if you would put me in front of a C/Ku band system I could still tweak it nuts on today, kind of like riding a bike you know, hated digging 5' deep holes in winter in Minnesota, but otherwise a great job in the fall!!

I started a home theater 'division' in that company and that's where I first got into programming control systems. Started with some basic stuff, don't really remember the name, but it was a HUGE black remote with black buttons and came with stickers you could place on the extra buttons, this evolved into the IRIQ from Madrigal which I believe was one of the first, if not THE first, activity based remote. I also worked with the Lexicon 700t which I believe was manufactured by RTI and from there it evolved into some more sophisicated AMX controls.

After my stint in the custom residential marketplace, I decided I didn't like the phone calls when I was off work, and increasingly difficult customers and moved onto commercial installations. That's where I've been for 9 years, doing system engineering for boardrooms, council chambers, classrooms, presentation rooms etc etc, and I also do all the Crestron programming for these systems and have been a Certified Crestron Programmer for 4 years.

My first interaction with this site was for my personal programming needs with the original TSU2000, and it's all history since then. I've moved onto the URC MX900 and find that I like the hard button with LCD display as opposed to a full LCD touch screen type system, and with the recent variable addition, it's a much more versitile remote control. (if URC gets the current problems fixed anyway).

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