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Post 23 made on Tuesday January 11, 2005 at 22:55
Thomas Davie
Long Time Member
January 2005
On 01/11/05 21:33 ET, johnsfine said...
In your initial post you said "The tv is under
warranty, and it will go back to the store".
I guess that didn't work either. What did the
store say?

Initially the store had said that since I had not purchased an extended warranty that it was up to the manufacturer to fix it. More on this at the end of the post

That doesn't sound at all similar. They're willing
to take the remote back for refund even though
there's nothing wrong with it. There is no reasonable
basis for holding them responsible for the TV.

I'm not holding them responsible; just stating that I did not expect them to do anything, and they didn't :)

You can't expect universal remotes to exclude
a common command (PIP in TV/0054) for common TV's
such as Philips because it breaks some obscure

No, although the Advent, at least here in Winnipeg is nto an obscure model. Obviously, PIP is a normal feature on a large number of well known brands. Here, I hold the manuifacturer at fault.

You might want to tell Advent that this issue
has been discussed in popular online forums.

I did tell the customer service representative exactly this, and in quite a calm manner. I didn't get upset until I was called negligent, at which point I terminated the call.

No one reading any of these threads is going
to think you (or the other users) did anything
negligent. Assuming, they continue their policy
on this subject, anyone who hears about it here
and in other forums would be crazy to ever buy
any of their products. It just isn't safe to
buy things from a vendor that unreasonable about
taking responsibility for their product defects.

You're 100% correct. I finally managed to make contact with the manager of the Future Shop (essentially Best Buy now that they have been taken over by them) where I purchased the TV tonight, and after explaining to him that I was ready to buy another TV from them on Friday, he asked to me wait until he had made a few phone calls/e-mails. They *may* be willing to replace provided that this is a known or at least documented problem.

thank you


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