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Post 7 made on Sunday January 9, 2005 at 19:31
Thomas Davie
Long Time Member
January 2005
Thanks to all who hav replied here. I apologize if I've not made myself clear. I'll try to recap in point form, but I'll assume that my TV is fubar?

1. When I bought the remote during a weekend visit to my girlfriend's house, all I did was learn keys for the DVD player (Philips DVP642), and for the DVD Recorder (Liteon-5001).

2. I had assigned the functions of the DVD Recorder to the VCR key.

3. No programming search or learning at all was done for the TV since my GF's TV was a different model than mine.

4. After arriving at home, I tried the only available code in the manual 0761, and after that failed...

5. I tried learning the TV commands one by one, and that stalled at ~4 commands so.....

6. I started pressing keys to see what would happen. Which is when disaster struck.

I never did a code search until after my TV went down. At which point I tried doing a code search in the naive belief that I might be able to restore the damage :). I did notice an interesting thing though; I've got my DVD Recorder feeding into my TV via an S-video cable, and the picture from this looks better, although still utterly unacceptable than the picture from the TV tuner. So I assume that the TV tuner has also been affected in addition to it's capacity to display video. Using the TV tuner results in a much more garbled, squashed picture with no colour.

And I guess I should mention that my remote was an open, albeit resealed box. Which doesn't really help anything....

Eh, so I guess I'm open to advice about buyying a new 27 inch TV

thanks again


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