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Post 3 made on Sunday January 9, 2005 at 14:00
Thomas Davie
Long Time Member
January 2005
Thanks for the reply. Yes, 0761 is the code that I had used for the TV, but with it not working, I started to learn codes using the learn function. However, I was only able to program the power, volume up/down and mute buttons before I was unable to learn any more keys. It was at this point that I started pressing every key on the TV screen to see if they would have any effect. Obviously, pressing the swap key did.

So, at least prior to learning the few key presses that I was able to, 0761 was the code entered (apparently with no effect). Whether or not device code settings remained when I started to learn, I don't know. I'm guessing yes, since use of the swap key had an effect, and I definately didn't learn anything for that key.

No, the remote id the Radio Shack 15-2138, and it is indeed the B01 version that has the ability to turn off the tilt switch and the remote locator.



(On the assumption that I did indeed stumble onto a non documented service code, it might be possible to recerse the damage through the use of other service codes, but I'm not holding out hope)

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