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Post 1 made on Sunday January 9, 2005 at 11:51
Thomas Davie
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January 2005
I just thought that some may find this interesting. I really can't get pissed at it because there is nothing I can do.

My tv u=is an Advent 27 inch flat screen model


I had programmed the Kameleon with my DVD and DVD recorder at my girlfriend's house because she had the identical models. I got home and tried the only available preset key for my TV; 0761. Didn't work. So I started to learn the keys for my TV, and was only able to program 3 of them in. I suppose I had already met or surpassed the 25 key limit (back to the store with this remote). So, out of curiosity, I started pressing keys to see what would happen. I hit the swap key near the bottom of the remote, and my television gave a loud high pitched whine/crack and the picture was reduced to a thin white line across the screen.

Hmmm, not good. I waited a few seconds, staring like an idiot, and then the picture restored to ~ 2/3 of the screen albeit in a bizzare trapeziodal squashed format and there was Chinese writing all over the screen. I went into my TV setup, and it too was all in Chinese.

I eventually got the English restored, but more than 1/2 of the options do not exist in the TV setup. So, squashed TV, squashed DVDs, and squashed DVD recording.

The tv is under warranty, and it will go back to the store (6-8 weeks), so I'll probably end up buying another TV, but I'm curious; does anyone have an idea what happened?

Reading the Kameleon manual indicates that the swap key will swap thge main and PIP pictures *if* PIP is enabled. Which it wasn't (since my TV isn't PIP capable). At least I have my tivo on my computer.


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