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Post 3 made on Sunday November 27, 2005 at 16:32
The Robman
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August 2001
I know you started a new thread with your 2nd question, but I see no reason to spread this conversation over multiple threads.

On November 27, 2005 at 08:22, bse said...
First off, it says J1 beside the 3 pin connector
(not JP1) as I stated in my last post. Is it still
JP1 programable? It also has the letters TX, GD
and RD printed by the 3 female connections under
the battery cover lid.

As I think I explained in my previous post, you can use the JP1 tools to create WAV files to program the remote, or you can add a 6-pin connector to it yourself. There is a document in the JP1 file section that explains how. I am very familiar with this remote (I have several) so there's no need to go to further detail explaining it's physical feattures.

On November 27, 2005 at 08:22, bse said...
Another question I have is about the audio and
vidio sequence keys. The manual says they are
for controling surround sound devices, but states
they "are not available in this program" What
does that mean?

I don't know what the last sentence means either, but suffice to say, these are simply "macro" buttons that can, in reality, be used for any purpose. Which means you can either program macros to them or keymoves (ie, programming advanced codes).

On November 27, 2005 at 08:22, bse said...
I was hoping that I could use this remote to
access my pioneer VSX D508's surround levels and
be able to control the subwoofer and speaker size
adjustments. It does opperate some functions on
codes 300 and 013, but not enough to get into
the things I want to adjust.

I found some 3 digit advanced codes that opperate
under device code 013 for a pioneer VSX D608 (different
model but they use the exact same oem remote)
on The codes are for the cinema
7. Is there a way for me to enter advanced codes
for the 15-1918 without using the JP1 or phone
method of programing?

Yes, you use exactly the same method to program advanced codes using the 15-1918 as you would with the Cinema 7 or any other non-LCD remote.


On November 27, 2005 at 08:22, bse said...
The manual doesn't say a
word about advanced codes or how to program them.

Which is one of the main reasons that I started my web site.

On November 27, 2005 at 08:22, bse said...
On the bright side, someone on your site posted
pronto hex codes for a Pioneer VSX D608. I think
it's everything I would need to get into the surround
settings, so if it comes to it I will try to use
the JP1 program. I'm not too computer savy and
don't know if I'm capable of doing it myself.
hence the search for an easier way. I am good
with electronics, at least audio stuff and do
alot of soildering and troubleshooting on car
and house amplifiers, cd players etc.

Thanks for all the help, Brian

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