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Post 3 made on Sunday December 24, 2006 at 09:05
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I wouldn't give up on it yet. 15-1994 has a good layout, and I think a lot of people are quite attached to it. It pretty much has all the functions of the current OfA models. But since it is a bit old, it doesn't have as extensive built-in library of device codes as the current models. However, there are several things you can do.

You can try to do a search for the code by going through all the built in codes in the remote. While there is no Cyberhome code listed specifically, there are a couple of similar protocols built in, and one of them might work. The instructions for search is here:

If you have the original remote, you can also teach the 15-1994 the ir signal using the original remote. See here:

The best solution, though is to get a JP1 cable. Using the cable to connect the remote to your computer, you will be able to upgrade the remote with new codes for new devices, including Cyberhome DVD players. You can learn about this starting here:
and you can probably use one of the upgrade files listed under cyberhome here
even if it not exactly the model you have.

You might think it doesn't make sense to get a cable for $15 when you can get an equivalent current model for about $20. It might not for some people, but in addition to having the capability to add new devices to the remote, the JP1 cable add a lot more to the remote. Functions can be moved around to different keys much easier on a computer and then uploaded to the remote. Macro programming is easier. All the programming and settings can be backed up on a computer which can be re-uploaded to the remote if the remote loses its memory or has to be reset. If you have a lot of learned commands, you can save a lot of the remotes limited memory set aside for learning commands since you can upgrade the remote with instructions on how to generate the set of IR signals instead of recording the individual IR signals, which requires lot more memory. New functions can be added to the remote with what's called extenders, like nested macros, simulating discrete input commands, assigning different functions to long and short key press, macros that are specific to a device (as opposed to standard macros which are global), and many others. Extenders are a bit more complicated, but it's there if you ever decide to try it.

If you'd rather spend the money on getting a new one, though, there are several device codes listed for Cyberhome for the URC-6820, 8820, 10820 remotes. URC-8910 and URC-9910 doesn't have Cyberhome, but they are upgradeable, and I would think that One for All would be able to upgrade it over the phone if you called them. And if you get a new remote, you can send the 15-1994 my way ;)

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