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Post 4 made on Wednesday September 20, 2006 at 10:28
IR Expert
September 2002
On September 20, 2006 at 09:47, C. Sadler said...
I tried to
teach my Radio Shack 15-2133 6 in 1 Kameleon with it,
but that doesn't seem to work.

How sure are you that you understand the process of learning with the 2133?

I think it is more likely that you did it wrong than that the signal is a type that the 2133 can't learn. But either is possible.

Is there any program that
can decode the stream, perhaps by using the IR port on
a PC,

I use software called CaptureIr that uses a simple IR sensor connected to a PC printer port. It also needs power for the IR sensor. I got decent resuilts using another pin on the printer port for power, but better results using the +5V wire from a USB cable that I cut one end off of.

The sensor itself is about a buck from, but shipping is more. You also might need the DB25 connector and wire, maybe a pull up resistor (see my recent CaptureIr post in the JP1 forum) maybe even a USB cable or something else to get +5 power from.

On the dual processor and dual core PC's I've tested CaptureIR is very robust and will reliably see even IR signals that are too fast and/or too long for a 2133 to learn.

On my slower single CPU PC CaptureIR is less robust. A signal that is too fast for a 2133 would probably take several attempts. A very long AND fast signal might not be possible at all. I haven't experimented much with difficult signals except on the dual CPU system.

or any suggestions on getting the RS remote to accept
the codes from the Harmony?
I was trying to program it under sat/cable on the Kameleon.

The device mode used for learning only determines the device mode for using the learned signal. It has no effect on whether the signal can be learned nor on what will be learned if it can be.

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