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Post 228 made on Friday May 26, 2006 at 15:47
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October 2002
On December 23, 2002 at 13:23, goodnf said...
Friends, Forum Users, Countrymen:

Lend me your ears. I come to praise MrKlaatu,
not to bury him. The repartee of forum users
lives after them; the encumbrance is oft interred
with their bones. So let it be with MrKlaatu.

It seems like only yesterday when I first stumbled
upon the holy forum for Phillips Pronto users.
As a newbie, I was lost; but found comfort in
the helpful words of the experienced Pronto users.
It was there that I first encountered the wit
and wisdom of the almighty MrKlaatu.

Searching for answers to the timeless questions
regarding Pronto and Radio Ra, I was given the
traditional time-honored newbie welcome by the
one and only MrK. Through his masterful command
of the English language, as well as his exceptional
skills in quickly negotiating the Google search
engine, I was bombarded with verbal truculence
that only a divine - and perhaps other worldly
- being could conjure in answer to my most humble
request for assistance.

Each passing day brought more joy to my humble
being as I relished in the royal discourse of
our beloved MrK. He brought tears of laughter
to my eyes, and enlightened my soul with his colloquy.
I will forever be in his debt, for he has taught
me the joys of playful sarcasm, and the wonder
of intelligence beyond comprehension that exists
in alien life forms.

And so with much sadness, I offer this fond remembrance
of our dear departed. Although I did not know
him long, or nearly as well as this distinguished
body assembled here today, I confess that I will
miss MrK dearly. It is my only hope that he has
found happiness and tranquility in his afterlife,
and that one of these days, a being of his superior
wit and intellect will once again reign over this

MrKlaatu - we need you now more than ever! Please come back. Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeese!
I'm just a sheep in wolf's clothing...

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