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Post 1 made on Monday May 21, 2007 at 04:49
Tim Brewer
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May 2007
To whom it may concern, I would like the opportunity to interact with anybody who would like to talk about how we can communicate with future out of body people in a way that can be measured.

For all others, please visit the site for The Department of Negitive Out of Body Possibilities.

----- Original Message -----From: Jeff Wagg, James Randi Educational Foundation
To: Tim Brewer ; Alison Smith
Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2007 1:52 PM
Subject: Re: Communications

I don't know what "advance thinking and action driven electrical thought out of body afterlife people" is or are.

Are you saying you can make the contact buzzer work without touching it?

Jeff Wagg

On 5/20/07, Tim Brewer <[email protected]> wroteear Jeff Wagg,
*It is not a buzzer, but a light that comes on,*and that is only because I have only tried it with a light, but I suppose you could set it up to be used with a buzzer as well, and yes, I have had it work before, I just didn't think you were concerned about past events with*my experiments, so I tried not to bring that up.Science base their input in the fact that energy can not be made, destroyed, it can only*change form, so with that being the case. I want to prove that humans after they die, do have the ability to contact us through devises like this, but it can only work if we can educate them first on this*possibility. I once watched**one of your challenges were*a man tried to prove that he could alter a compass with thought alone, I would like to think my challenge is better, just because it is based on the fact that I do not even have to be anywhere near the machine when it works the way I say it will work. I would like the opportunity to have a monitor near by, only as a way to continue to send messages to the afterlife, as instructional information only.**
Please feel free to ask more questions if you would like.*Thank you,Tim*
I'm not accepting anything, I just wanted to be clear on what your claim was. You may apply now, and if you meet the criteria, your claim will be accepted.

Jeff Wagg
Thank you Jeff Wagg,*I appreciate your help in this matter, and now I will start getting things in order to be in a position to meet the criteria, and the challenge as well.*

Thank you,
Everything in life takes it's allotted amount of time, and this topic is no different.

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