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Post 1 made on Saturday November 17, 2007 at 09:11
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November 2007
i have a sony lf-pk1location free playerhttp://[Link:]. its kinda likea slingbox. this device uses blaster to emulate remotes for certain devices dvd,pvr,etc the database doesnt have an upgrade code for the devices im trying to control. The remote files can be read in notepad but they also have some kind of encoding im trying to find info about it base64+c3 is what it says. I waqs thinking maybe i could use a code for a device that uses same protocol as something they suipport and the change some of the other code to make it work. Im not sure if this is possible at all but i thought here would be a good place to ask or maybe someone could point me in a direction.

heres what a file looks like in notepad

Content-Type: application/x-rmc-data; charset=utf-8
Version: 1.0
Name: DVR_1_US
Make-Name: Panasonic
RCode-Encoding: base64+c3

POWER Power /////yqSNrdP8PfsRT7s+sy5S0h/Y9H2ww==
DECKA /////9F4m6w7a0CXJEHhIhz/glM=
DECKB //////AO8lMOJOofM/QcdgWXpz8=
DECKC /////55v8Afh1xzUbRMQ+GcYip4=
REV /////2Qshu0R6WYZRTSrV/U8A2A=
FWD /////42H5cUzBL7lwRDDeD9phLA=
REW Rew /////wgfirfyw8X6JOIZxwIMUu5dzIGtKQ==
PLAY Play /////8OGJAVNg4eXH36++RMD2k6WxOvx7w==
PAUSE Pause /////9GqbDz397Bd3EfPymzeK1GEnnc/eg==
STOP Stop /////3qftmjMABSPzrUFfKhygX8vSsi8Yg==
REC Rec /////9efmIDGVD+eDUpTI3OGbKmCqtMA/w==
RECPAUSE RecPause /////yt9TubgWMF+URCvoPvi251+mZ0YUA==
RECSTOP RecStop /////3vCmdZ3/Fuqp41bF+Fu4l4uo0oReQ==
BUTTON3 Menu /////7pkbUTC+emij7tjktt29YDvHLo9NA==
BUTTON4 List /////4ScqeAisk4wnE+Oz7olJwo=
BUTTON5 Live TV /////wI5vQzYwBUZ9OtKX1t66Q5XfdrSRg==
BUTTON6 Guide /////6rJK1XGYHS/0/qA/qpXWNT/TA9jpg==
BUTTON7 Display /////9GsZPlftY5WxwD5c8caEgKEmPREdQ==
BUTTON8 Input /////y4CAcggvLQGw64FRmewaVp7Ubfl8g==
BUTTON9 /////+04Cnr+nTnNRMYpRy9W4Kc=
BUTTON10 /////zK0RnkmMJwCVOo2tUOWopE=
BUTTON11 //////ylJZP1UR/c5/dKYqN1SkY=
BUTTON12 /////7Eg8X+gz6LVggIFqXc/Rys=
BUTTON13 /////+MJeiLCac3016YMqPzk3oo=
BUTTON14 /////yizXboVbrrQFcbvj4Ysu8o=
TEN1 1 /////w4Js1bgCb2EdghH7J3O5aVbvonOoQ==
TEN2 2 /////9+GfNzDPaMMfSg1JF6M/E+Kt2A+rg==
TEN3 3 /////0YgMqo4NuYDuGdJ5XEsln4TAgJ7Jg==
TEN4 4 /////yVDAJLJuiRfJ1nCuLP1M1xwcEvTeQ==
TEN5 5 /////3J3vYb/w8u5xsRqQ1bIYqknVNAVWg==
TEN6 6 /////1uZ0vRdRBJJPCClXl/ZIV4OB3LEOw==
TEN7 7 /////y5vsBEVKMZV3N2Puku6tQ17PET50g==
TEN8 8 /////6/2ELEbMmsmoRJQY4Lu2PD6biu2Yg==
TEN9 9 /////0rv3feRXoo9hBPyLuW1buMfGGfx7w==
TEN0 0 ///////j0blac8rwyX34HbwtHNGqQAuSXg==
DOT /////6hq82fWeerA3M4LfApz4oA=
JUMP /////635yKGoasm4mFR21LodBjw=
TENENTER Enter /////9A1eEvmPBwZnZh55ivkC9OFl0s3iQ==
CHMINUS CH - /////3w4u13w5GwoAKNgYJ6rmKQpNGPBJA==
CHPLUS CH + /////68WFooXmWan+ndf4quzvEj6jrPhLg==
UP Up /////zXKzrHDSb0UP3FW6FTuDs5gdunn/w==
LEFT Left /////+erfvo/2ld0pbkPBSM8W5ey0NMe2Q==
SELECT Select /////xxozVraZYLDXGQKQhsq3dBJNRWaCg==
RIGHT Right /////xZ7jGsYwpPr2bY1D8uRHPJDPyCNCw==
DOWN Down /////8yOnQT5rIWZou6BdxSZIC6Zu7bFSQ==
BUTTON1 /////42YoRU59alpI/yk3PjzzlY=
BUTTON2 Exit /////3PqqvaF9I5O512QRV0IXsomLgOZtQ==

Checksum: c86212bf49049f9a5fb01a464538a1fe6be0cc9d5dd419d4

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