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Post 17 made on Saturday November 24, 2007 at 12:22
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Bob, that is for several reasons

1) BD has a lot more HW support, Toshiba is the only one making an HD DVD player. LG has a BD player that can read HD DVDs (but is not to HD DVD specs so it has no HD DVD logo and can't access all the features on the disk). On the drive side there is Toshiba, LG (dual drive) and HP (though I am not sure if they make the drive or just rebrand the Toshiba).

Since there is a lot less CE/PC maker support that is why you see a lot less of it

2) Most studios support BD exclusively, be it in US or the UK. Also neutral studios don't try and push one over the other. The other thing is that the HD DVD studios seem to have been paid to support that format (Paramount/DreamWorks got 150M$) so they also don't seem to be into the HD formats as much as the BD supporting studios (for example Disney had a traveling road show teaching people about BD)

3) you live in Europe. Toshiba is working hard in the US to keep HD DVD alive a bit longer, but appears to have given up on the rest of the world. I am guessing part of it is that in the US it is still relatively close enough (losing 2:1) but in the UK it is either 4:1 or 5:1, so why waste energy and a lot of money there (like the Paramount bribe or the 100$ player sale)

Edit: it was 4:1 at the begining of Octobre [Link:]

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