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Post 32 made on Sunday May 4, 2008 at 16:48
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Ernie even though I mostly agree with you/ your son, I must dissagree with two things

Just cause it uses parts you might find in a computer doesn't mean it's a computer. A console is made to be a set top box that you plug in and use.

even though in the past this might have been more true, with every generation the lines of distinction become more blurry. For example on the PS3 you can use Linux, and a doctoral student here used a PS3 for some of his experiments and will actually be presenting his findings at a conference next week. (My BIL who is a professor there helped him with his research and is going to be at the conference with his student)

This is an example of a very common fallacy. That making connections between disparate systems should be easy and ubiquitous.

It is not about "making connections between disparate systems" it is about replacing the same system (a 360 and 360 elite are the same device just different models with one having very few extra bells and whistles). If his 360 had issues and he replaced it with an other 360 the issues would have been the same. It is about being able to move saved data from your old to the new. And even though I agree that in a completely closed system (like gaming systems when I was a kid) or arcade boxes, that can be used as an excuse, the minute you have an internet connection and you can network the devices the excuse should be gone.

(Not to mention that buying a new PC with Vista and wanting to copy all your info from the unused old one in XP isnít any easier.)

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