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Post 58 made on Tuesday April 2, 2002 at 14:08
Cyber Vixen
Founding Member
July 2001
1,170's my story:
I was watching "The fifth Element" with a bunch of guy friends and then after the movie (conviently) a documentry came on about Milla as well. Throughout the whole night my male friends were drooling over her; which drove me crazy...because I don't think she's attractive at all, I just thought they were drunk and horney.
Anyways, by the end of the night, they were all callilng me Milla - swearing I look just like her. (/grolws) Since then, everyone tells me that I could be her twin...and it pisses me off, because I think she's ugly. :P
Lol I've autographed pictures for her even... and I went to a screening of her new movie, Resident Evil, and got in free because the kid who worked there thought I was her as well.
Why can't I be confused for someone good looking?? Like Angelina Joliee!! Lol so there's my lil story on why I hate Milla.
The End.

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