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Post 37 made on Wednesday January 21, 2009 at 20:36
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While calling harmony is a valid avenue of support IMO it counters the spirit of forums.
Im not complaining about the guys who post "call harmony" just pointing out why i prefer forum support.

I love forums and search engines because i can type any question into the search box and find someone else with the same question and a bunch of others with the solution.

I hate calling for support. You have to stop what your doing, find the number, place the call, wait on hold, explain the problem to the operator, wait on hold, explain the problem again to the tech, the tech start guessing at what could be wrong and it takes forever.

If im the 3rd or 4th guy with a problem with a new remote.. chances are that someone else already called support and posted about it in a message forum.

I handle all finances online now and i dont have any paper bills or statements coming to my house. I dont even have a check book anymore.

And.. i absolutely love websites that have chat support because again.. i hate the telephone run around. If im on hold waiting for chat support i can do other stuff on the computer vs. trying to hold the phone to my ear or listening carefully via speakerphone.

Another great use of Chat and forums & email is that you are more productive. In an office.. if you had to get up, walk over to someone else, play the "hi how you doing did you catch the game what about those bears" just to give them a 1 sentence message your wasting time all day long plus they dont have a hard copy of the message. At our office we use chat to talk to people who are sitting 5 feet away.

Calling tech support is definately a quality answer and in the case of a CE product like harmony its probably the best answer.
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