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Post 19 made on Thursday February 21, 2002 at 23:17
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February 2002
I also have an MX-500 remote and am attempting to use omni remote in conjuction with ORDesktop to get all of the right discrete codes for my MX-500. Thanks to PeterS' posts to this forum, I have obtained many good ones for my Sony TV. I can now turn my TV ON, OFF, and choose each Video input separately !!!BUT!!! the MX-500 will not learn the codes properly. I have 2 MX-500s and one learning remote that came with my Reciever, and none of them will learn these codes properly. Out of around 50 trys, the OFF command was successfully learned once. This tells me that it can work!!

The one thing I have not done, is buy an external IR transmitter for my Palm, but I don't want to waste $20 if it isn't going to make a difference. So after all of this babble, my question to you is do you use an external IR with your palm? Do you or anyone else have another explanation for this behavior.

Thanks in advance,

PS. To anwer your question. If you haven't already, you can download Pronto Edit from and then download tons of CCF files, then paste the codes into omniremote. As you can tell from this forum, it doesn't always work, but it seems to most of the time. -Enjoy
On 01/22/02 13:05.06, Lobo said...
I too must give a thanks to PeterS for the discreet
codes for the Sony TVs. Now I can program my
MX-500 to the max!

BTW, I noticed that people haven't updated this
thread in a long time, is there anywhere else
to grab discreet codes for the OmniRemote or is
PeterS going to continue updating this thread?


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