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Post 23 made on Friday January 23, 2009 at 09:22
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January 2009
On January 23, 2009 at 03:04, Ernie Bornn-Gilman said...
Damn! What state do you live in? Denial? I can't get
beer for free anywhere here in California. It's good
stuff, and the recipes are thousands of years old, and
anyone can make it, but I'd bet that what is made at home
varies quite a bit in quality and you can get decent beer,
poor beer, or excellent beer, depending on what you want
to pay.

Make this antenna like beer, as you say it is, and I'm
all for it.

Yes, well... what if you like good beer but the only companies that made it stopped years ago and won't re-introduce it, won't improve the product, and prefer to market swill instead? And what if you live in a legal environment where companies will patent a recipe so that they can keep it off the market, and have the legal right to sue the beer steins off anyone who tries to make it themselves?

What if one day a handful of beer lovers put their heads together and came up with a really outstanding recipe, spending time to make it both pleasing to the palate and fairly easy to brew at home? And what if they decided to give the recipe away to anyone who wanted to try it for themselves? Why shouldn't they protect the public's right to freely use their volunteer efforts against being hauled into court by companies that would rather make commercials about talking frogs?

Maybe the beer analogy is being pushed too far here, so let's be plain. Commercial manufacturers used to make an early version of this antenna; they stopped years ago and have not resumed, even though with the need for better DTV antennas, the market is obvious. Even now there is nothing stopping them... certainly not this grassroots volunteer effort to give the general public an excellent alternative to an inert industry in litigious times.

-- Jeff

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