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Post 119 made on Monday February 14, 2005 at 23:45
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February 2005
Hey everybody,

I have yet to receive NBC at all, although UPN is one of the best channels I receive (88% tonight while watching CSI Miami). I do experience some drop-outs and hiccups, but this could be my hardware/software config, not necessarily the broadcast/reception itself. I am currently using the antenna that came with the ATI HDTV Wonder card, which seems to be an OEM knock-off of the Silver Sensor. This is an unpowered antenna, so I've been using a Provo 20dB amp with it and about 40ft of continuous RG-6 coax. The antenna is mounted just outside a second-storey window and pointed pretty much directly at the antenna cluster on Grand Island. UPN, FOX, and PBS are all very strong (upper 80's), but the other down-town Buffalo stations aren't so great. And, as mentioned, NBC doesn't even show up in an autoscan. For now the Silver Sensor seems much more directional than the more omni-directional RCA ANT711 that I bought at Radio Shack, which is going back.

I had hoped to buy two CM4228s, and set them up according to RTI Installer's instructions in the "attic installation" thread. However, the opening to my attic is 20" by 28", and 35" on the diagonal. Pretty tight squeeze for the 39.5" square CM4228! I think I will instead try this setup with two CM4221s, also known on as the CM3021. At 20" wide, I think I can get them up there, and will have to live with the reduced range. has them at $22.49US each and $23.95US ground shipping to the U.S. I've heard that for $5 you can have items held at the Lewiston UPS depot and then drive across the border to pick them up. It's only a 20 minute drive for me across the border, so I figure I can wrap this all up for under $100Cdn, since they haven't been too tight lately at the border for duty when you're driving across, except for alcohol or tobacco.

I would appreciate some input on my plan before I go ahead with it. I would like to be able to receive all of the Buffalo and Grand Island stations (except WB49 of course), as well as CBC off the CN Tower when they start broadcasting next month. I picked up CBC's test programming (skating, fall scenery, etc.) pretty well with the RCA antenna, but not with the more directional Silver Sensor. I've calculated my range and bearing to each station as follows:

My location:
Latitude: 43 11 Min.25 Sec.
Longitude: -79 15 Min. 20 Sec.

47.82 Miles, 132.7 degrees - 240kW - WGRZ 2/33 - 42 43' 6"N, 78 33' 47"W
48.56 Miles, 138.8 degrees - 790 kW - WIVB 3/39 - 42 39' 33"N, 78 37' 33" W
49.9 Miles, 139.7 degrees - 358 kW - WKBW 7/38 - 42 38' 15"N, 78 37' 12"W
20.18 Miles, 123.1 degrees - 156 kW - WNED 17/43 - 43 1' 48"N, 78 55' 15"W
20.18 Miles, 123.1 degrees - 1000 kW - WNLO 23/32 - 43 1' 48"N, 78 55' 15"W
20.35 Miles, 125.8 degrees - 35kW - WUTV 29/14 - 43 1' 32"N, 78 55' 43"W
31.92 Miles, 348.1 degrees - 38 kW - CBLT 5/20 - 43 38' 33"N, 79 23' 15"W

I expect I will need both 4221s to pick up the Buffalo and Grand Island clusters. But what about CBC? Would a third antenna pointed north (348.1 degrees) help, or would this just increase multipath issues (as currently being discussed in this thread)? Any input from all of you is always appreciated. Thanks again!

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