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Post 106 made on Friday February 11, 2005 at 15:32
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I would think the RS UHF Antenna would be fine, considering how close you are to Buffalo. I can pick up at least some of the channels with a much lesser antenna and I'm some 65miles to the North in Ajax, ON. I use a large CM4248 antenna to get all Buffalo channels except WB49-DT.

Check the map with transmitter tower locations on [Link:] - As far as I can make out, several of the transmission towers are south of Depew, and the ones on Grand Island are North West.

Also consider your terrain - Are there any buildings / trees / mountains between you and the transmitters ?
Can you recieve the UHF analog channels clearly ?
Are you getting your Antenna up high enough ? - probably better up on your roof if possible - or you may even be OK with an attic mounted installtion depending on your local construction / terrain.

Cable : Are you using RG6 coax ? are the connections good? Is it a long run ? You should be able to recieve without an amplifier in your location - even I can get ch32 (psip23) with a small antenna and no amplifier - (Though I need an amp and large antenna for the others) You may need an amp if your run of coax is long (over 70' - 100')

Good luck, and let us know if you get it working.

On 02/11/05 15:15 ET, sloppyjohns said...
I live in Depew, for those not knowing where it
is, 3 miles east of the city of Buffalo. Anyone
have any ideas of what type of antenna I should
be using to pick up the local hdtv signals. I
used a tv55 but couldnt get all of the channels.
I just picked up an antenna from radioshack (see
link below). Is this a good choice or bad, and
should I be aiming it any specific direction and
do i need a signal amplifier?? Please let me know.
any help would be welcome. The back of my house
faces directly west and is the side I would like
to mount the antenna on. I am using a panasonic
tu-dst50 receiver(and have been for a while with
poor success).


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