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Post 188 made on Sunday September 30, 2007 at 01:39
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September 2007
does anybody have any pics of these speakers? Not just pics from the sites, but real pics of the speakers that they bought, just curious because back in 94 i did that job for about two to three weeks "I was a speaker guy in the white van"
talk about some freaks, i think i was the only one that did not have a record
they are some pretty good cons
but the main reason i am posting this is because of what they look like now
for i have never been approached by the guys, and i live in houston
the speakers that we sold looked like something that you could see in a bar,
they were three way towers about 3 feet tall, with waffle style car speaker covers
and covered with grey felt or carpet like material
from the pics that i have seen online, they look like decent speakers
oh yea, the speakers were actually cheap ass "ultimate" brand car speakers,
like the brand that you could find in the pawn shops for super cheap
and they painted them flat black, but if you looked close enough you could see the
ultimate name on the dust cap
and yes it is a big freaking scam
that is why i did it for only 2 to 3 weeks
I found that i had a conscience, we sold a set to this couple that just came from his dads funeral and he got took for 200 bucks and a radar detector, and a nice camera

so if you see these guys and you have nothing better to do
pull over with act very interested, whip out your cell phone "secretly of course"
call the cops and take a long time to do this
so you can waste there peak selling time
and you will break there selling streak if they were on one
and cost them valuable time and effort
i dont know if any of you have been in sells jobs
but when you are on a roll you are hot and can sell anything to anyone
but break the ice and you can't sell a glass of water to people in hell

so if you got ripped then sorry but i have to laugh at you
dont but sheite from dudes in a van, you big dummy
if its too good to be true then -- come on you've all heard this before

look it up online search around if you have never heard of the brand before

hey if you bought some, then you have a great gift for some one that you dont really
care for, that way it is not a total loss

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