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Post 10 made on Friday November 12, 2004 at 19:48
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March 2003
I thought everyone in the country with a driver's license was aware of the guys in the white van with a spare set of speakers that were accidentally thrown in the truck from the supplier.

Here is the problem: It's not really a scam, they are selling you something, although they are charging you 15 times what it is actually worth. (what the market can bare)

I still can't believe that you've never heard of this before? It's so popular that is has almost turned into urban legend.

Anyway, here's the deal. In America, somebody can sell you something for as much as your willing to pay for it. You purchased that equipment because you thought you were getting a great deal. (In Michigan we call it buying stolen property).

Unfortunately you didn't.

Lastly, there is nothing the authorities can really do to these guys because it is actually a business. There are warehouses of these guys all across the country.

TDODDS, please don't think for aminute that the 17 year old kid in the van was the other guys son. He was the apprentice.

P.S.- If anyone ever comes up to you with a story saying they are having trouble with the bank and they want to deposit money into your account, run like hell.

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