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Post 7 made on Sunday October 17, 1999 at 19:00
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I agree that comparatively speaking, Radio Shack should be selling this remote for under $30. But, they aren't. As for you coming out ahead, if that helps you sleep at night, more power to you.

Truly the RS remote is a Cinema7 (6 Devices + X-10 = 7 Devices). $40 isn't all I spent. To use the IR for X-10 instead of RF like the X-10 8-in-1, I had bought the RSU 10037703 mini controller console 3 years ago for $39.99. And I spent $200 for IR repeaters through-out the house so that I can use my Home Theater system anywhere.

You know what, it's a matter of personal preference. The X-10 8-in-1 doesn't have PIP for TV so I didn't want that remote. The cinema7 didn't have backlighting and I didn't like the look of it. I choose to spend a little more for something I think is important. Would I buy a Pronto for $249. No way. You did and that's your choice.

Sure it's a Cinema7 in disguise. My main reason for posting was to let people know about this remote and about the undocumented features. I'm not saying go out and buy one. Isn't that what this board is for?


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