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Post 6 made on Sunday October 17, 1999 at 17:31
David B
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1) Cinema6 and 7 don't have a backlight but my Cinema7 has several "glow-in-the-dark" keys that glow about 15 minutes after you've held them under a light. In my opinion it was a wasted effort. The logical grouping of keys was easy to train my hand to operate in the dark. No big loss. For those with less skilled hands a clip on light ($3) operated with an X-10 lamp module ($5)can be clipped above your easy chair. Hmmm... $20+$8.... I'm still ahead.
2) Either can control X-10 commands easily On a 6 you have to use the CD device and set it to code 167 to get IR X-10 control. The 7 has an AUX key I use for X-10. Neither controls X-10 using RF. Forget the 6. Get a 7. I got mine at Best Buy for $20 on sale.
3) The shaped number keys make identification in the dark easy. In fact most of the frequently used keys have their own unique shape. Very thoughtful.
4) All that wonderful ONE4All learning ability your Radio shack remote has is already in the Cinema6/7. In fact, I've gotten my Cinema7 to about 85% the functionality of my Pronto (but with no touch screen).
5) "special suede-like finish". Are you sure? Have you ever actually felt real suede? Sounds like worthless Hype to me. I sorta like the fact that fingerprints don't show on the lightly textured finish of my Cinema7 and it doesn't slip out of my hand.
6) Why do I use a Cinema7 if I've got a Pronto? I got the Cinema7 because it was cheap learning macro programmable remote I wouldn't worry about ruining. I've modified it with a mini stereo jack on the side that allows me to use it as an X-10 activated IR macro emitter. Radio shack parts totalled $4. I'm still ahead. It's such a surprisingly well layed-out remote that it's become the one I tend to reach for BEFORE reaching for my Pronto.

I don't doubt the Radio Shack remote is a nice remote. Radio Shack should just be selling it for $25 instead of $40.

Oh... I forgot totally about the X-10 8in1. RF X-10 control, 8 devices, backlighting, macros, learning, and on and on...

I had one (came FREE with another purchase) but sold it when I got the Cinema7. That should suggest how much better the Cinema7 is in design, layout and functionality.

Gee, isn't this fun?


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