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Post 15 made on Wednesday December 29, 2004 at 05:18
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Hi Ron. Excellent reference here; you've been very thorough, covering all the bases. You may recall answering some of my posts here on this question about a year ago, when I added my STR-DE595. Well, I've just added a Toshiba big screen TV, and upped my DVD player from a Sony DVP-NS325 (non-progressive) to a DVP-NS575PB progressive, to go along with the digital TV. So, I've also just reworked my RM-VL900 setup, and thought I'd add a couple notes from my experience to this thread, for other readers.

First, as Ron noted, the RM-U306A cannot be changed to AV1; it is AV2 only. I'm in Canada, and as in the U.S.A., the RM-U306A is the remote which came with my STR-DE595; but I can't speak for other locations.

The STR-DE595 *can* be changed to AV1, but the component codes for Sony AV1 mode available in universal remotes and learning remotes do not contain function codes for some of its newer features; neither are there extended (discrete) function codes available for those features. This includes some important features, such as the menu system. The same may be true for other newer Sony receiver models.

So, if you switch your receiver to AV1, and your OEM remote cannot be switched to AV1, you will loose some [important] features. If your OEM remote can be switched to AV1, then you can learn the missing features from the OEM remote, assuming you are using a learning remote.

In AV2 mode, all functions are available via the OEM remote, but there are no extended function codes available in AV2 mode at all; including discrete codes for ON/OFF, etc. Further, there are no component codes for Sony AV2 mode in universal or learning remotes. Therefore, you will have to learn *all* functions from your OEM remote, assuming you are using a learning remote.

From experience, I can say that the Sony RM-VL700 and RM-VL900 remotes [I don't know about other Sony models] have sufficient capacity to learn a different code to every button, for every component; but the same is definately not true of all learning remotes.

Fortunately, Sony receivers/remotes do have seperate buttons for each input (Video 1, Video 2, DVD, etc.). And, pressing any such input select button on the remote will turn the receiver on, if it is off; they therefore can be used in place of a discrete ON code. The discrete OFF code is harder; it may be done by using the System Standby mode, which on the RM-U306A remote is accomplished by pressing the Standby button and the Power button at the same time. But be warned that this will turn off *all* your Sony components, not just the receiver.

In my case, the best solution was to remain in AV2 mode, learn all functions from the OEM remote to my RM-VL900, and use the Input Selects/System Standby to replace discrete ON/OFF in macros. That's fine for me, as I have two ON macros which each select a different input, and one OFF macro which does shut the entire system off. Your mileage may vary.

These problems, coupled with the bug in the discrete ON code of newer Sony DVD players, seem to be a foul weather indicator for Sony. Fortunately, the work-arounds are sufficient for many. Hope this is helpful to some.

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