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Post 5 made on Wednesday September 1, 2021 at 19:04
Lyndel McGee
RC Moderator
August 2001
On June 5, 2021 at 03:33, npaisnel said...
Is this still active?

I have followed the link and I strongly suspect it is. I see the A IR nano shield and various other projects, but am unsure what I want/need or if your project is what I need at all.

Currently I run a Raspberry Pi with HA-Bridge and heyu to control X-10 powerline devices.

To add IR reception to the RPi to allow X-10 control of devices withn the same system would be the goal.

I have successfully tied in a HomeVision device to receive IR to control X-10 in conjunction with a harmony Remote and Hub.

Harmony only sees X-10 devices via the 'fake' Philips hue HA-bridge cannot control the X-10 devices until AFTER/THE END of scene creation..absolutely creating a fake entertainment device called X-10 allows the Harmony to turn on -10 devices at the start of a scene.

Doing it thsi way works..but it does mean I now have two Raspberry Pi's and two X-10 serial to powerline device running. No big thhing but it is duplicating everything.

I have one RPi running the HA-bridge emulator / heyu driving the CM11 to send X-10 cmmands and now also the HomeVision device (and is associated RPi) and its TW-523 powerline unit sending X-10 signals.

The HomeVision /TW-523 is an extra device that could be removed to simplify the whoel system if I could just get IR reception and decoding in to the Raspberry Pi and get that to drive heyu and the CM-11 directly.

this is the HV controller if yo have not seen them.


So to sum up .

Does your device and code allow IR reception on my currently running RPi and driving the heyu application on the Pi ?

I use a TI103 contoller for x10 control via rs232. Not sure if these are even still available.
Lyndel McGee
Philips Pronto Addict/Beta Tester

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