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Post 44 made on Saturday April 10, 2021 at 14:51
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Wow... many years later and I am still using the Pronto TSU9400. I have two rooms where I use them (and 4 Pronto TSU9400, so I have a backup for each room). I remembered this old thread when I came across this post saying that Logitech is discontinuing their Harmony remotes:


i have two of the Harmony Elite remotes. What impressed me with the Harmony Elite line is how easy it was to setup (took only a day or so to configure my system), integration with other systems, and iPhone app support.

However, the Harmony Elite was nowhere close to the power of the Pronto series, and even though I had setup 2 Harmony Elite remotes, I hardly ever used them. I'd occasionally ask the kids to use the Harmony remotes instead of the Pronto since I wouldn't care so much if something bad happened to the Harmony. Nevertheless, I liked having the Harmony knowing that if something ever bad happened to my Pronto's, I'd have a backup system.

But now that Logitech is discontinuing the Harmony line, I got to thinking: maybe it's time to revisit what universal remotes are out there that I should look into? The last time i asked this question was a few years back, and at the time, there was nothing as good as the Pronto for end user customization (i.e. that doesn't require having to pay a professional to do the programming and make any changes).

I'm wondering if anything has changed recently, in the universal remote choices: basically, I want something that is end-user (not dealer) customizable, has powerful customization, and also supports a database of devices and integration with other systems (lights, etc.)??

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