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Post 13 made on Wednesday October 7, 2020 at 00:38
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On October 7, 2020 at 00:17, highfigh said...
only negative IMO is the powertrain. the old 420hp/450tq 6.2 is tried and true but old and lazy. coming from the wifes 2019 Platinum Expedition 400hp/470tq ecoboost it really laughs at the GM V8s. it out tows, out accelerates, out "feels good" them. it is what i will miss the most. the ecoboost HO/10 speed combo is truely the bees knees.

So, you're comparing a turbo'd engine to a normally aspirated engine?

I hope the brakes are good.

im comparing the engines in the two full size SUVs that COMPETE DIRECTLY with each other!! im comparing a small displacement TT V6 to a large displacement NA V8. just because a vehicle has a turbo doesnt make it faster or more powerful!! the two engines i am comparing are nearly identical in power and tourque, 20 apart on each number. it is all how it is delivered. the ecoboost has tremendous tourque on the low end, where as you need to wind the 6.2 up a little bit. that is the seat of the pants feel that i love about the Platinum. it will move when you need it to move.

When ford released the new Expedition and Navigator in 2018 after 14 years on the old platform. It murdered the GMs in every way. performance, interior room, the rear independent suspension allowed MUCH more room for the 3rd row. the CCD suspension is fantastic. styling is great. it was a no brainer. now the 2021 GMs have leveled the playing field!! the have independent rear suspension, great interiors, etc. when we went to look at the new yukons, the sales guy was very knowledgeable and straight up said the only difference between the Denali and the Platinum were the engine and infotainment system. engine nod to ford infotainment nod to GM. they are literally within $1,000 equally equipped.

the ford has GREAT brakes, not incredible. the yukon and escalade can get a factory installed Brembo big brake upgrade, which i will definitely be getting.
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