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Post 3 made on Tuesday September 8, 2020 at 21:02
Brad Humphrey
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February 2004
Well a couple of reasons.

People hate paying monthly fees. So trying to add yet another monthly fee onto something that is usually free from most other manufactures/systems, doesn't go over well with customers. I would have to agree.
There may come a time in the future, where any & everything we do in life is regulated by a monthly fee. That will be a very sad day to see. And certainly something I would think most people would want to fight against, tooth & nail. There is already monthly fees coming to automobiles in the luxury market in a few years - things like $3 per month for your heated seats. Just shear insanity!!!
But I'm getting off topic now.

Wink in particular is a DIY system anyway. They don't have dealers or incentives for installers. Support for installers. Nothing.

Fibaro has a dealer network with a small margin available for dealers. They have tech support for dealers. And on paper looks like a nice setup.
Reading thru user reviews, I see a lot of complaints about connectivity in the app. But these seem to be all DIY installs. And we all know how some DIY people can be awesome (besting pros) but the vast majority are idiots that have trouble tying their own shoe laces.

So I wanted to see what professionals are using it, since they have a dealer network. And know there are several here that have used their sensors.
URC still offers the sensors thru their portal. But I see Fred's favorite distributor has now dropped the lineup.

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