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Post 156 made on Thursday August 6, 2020 at 12:23
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August 2020
Wow ... First I am a master HVAC technician . We all know why the CCP software was not distributed with remote its a scam . Its a way for A V companies to team up with a company and make money .. you buy and sell our remotes we wonít offer the software to the lower level of humans out there .
That way they will have to call you and you can go to there house and charge 400 per room to setup some macros. The whole thing is disgusting. I have people everyday asking for help with there air conditioning I help as many people as I can . letís face it not everyone has the money to pay a technician 215-275 an hour To fix an Air Conditioner . I was one of those people who on a whim . Went to an estate sale picked up a
JVC DILA-HD550 with a fixed screen 100Ē Stewart Firehawk Filmscreen and a remote .. After getting it home I didnít think much of it Iíve owned crap like harmony and quickly realized they werenít for me .. after a month or so I seen the remote sitting on my dresser I decide to look at it . Well no battery no charger so I go onto eBay and I bought another remote exact model anyway it came with charger and battery .. paid 60.00 for the one on eBay I think
I get it home power it up and .. NO WAY to program so I call the company on remote and ask about what I need to do .. URC tells me they donít give the software . I have to wait to receive a call from there sales staff with info for someone to call . So I wait 2 weeks and nothing . I then call them again they tell me same thing take info and we will call . Two weeks nothing The funny thing is everytime I call URC I am told that I could easily obtain a copy of this software from any ANY URC dealer .. I found that to be total [email protected]@ . . So at this point I start calling around one company wants 400.00 flat rate to come out and setup a MX-980 I have one projector 1-receiver 1-Apple tv
No RF BASE ... just remote and three items .. I found a guy Iím not gonna mention the name of company or anything But he tells me yes Iíll do it 75.00 per hour Iím like ok . Fine. We set a date and on the day he was to come out Iím told that he is not seeing that model in CCP anymore ? And that he couldnít do it .. So I call URC again they tell me there not sure what heís looking at but the Mx-980 is still in CCP
Anyway he never came out.. Iím at my wits end with this . URC stil hasnít called Iím not paying 400.00 to program a reciever and 2 macros .
It makes me so sick that I have two of these remotes lol . Anyway just my two cents . It looks like an amazing product I wish I could use it . Reading all these post you know .. we are in hard times and to tell anyone that you donít deserve to have something because you didnít buy it the correct way . Is just not human .
We all have to make money one way or another but we all need to help thy brother . Telling someone there stealing a product when they bought it outright is just mean . And mean people suck . These people on here asking for help are not in your area they canít call you to do it even if they paid for it .so chill be nice . You would be suprised how good of a day you have when you go out of your way to help someone for absolutely nothing in return . During this COVID outbreak there are 25,000,000 people unemployed as of may 2020 that were prev employed .. man do you know how many people that is . Iím sure itís waaay worse now . Do you know how many people will loose there homes there everything . People are dying and there having to do it alone . Itís a very stressful time we all could benefit from a little help . Now I donít think I purchased the Mx-980 to the point I donít deserve to be able to use it .any item you sell from anywhere will end up in secondary market itís just not fair to not be able to use something until your forced to spend as much as the remote cost . Anyway thatís just my 2 cents on this . I too have been duped into a remote I canít use .

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