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May 2002
I am offering services of Business Consultation, Electronic System Design, and RTI Programming.

I started in this business installing 8-tracks in cars in 1973. I was 13 years old and a friend of my father owned a used car lot. His claim to fame was that every used car that he sold had a new 8-track AM/FM radio installed. I would go up to his place on Saturday morning and install 5-6 8-tracks in his cars. He paid me 10 bucks a radio to install. In high school, I had 550+ people in my grade. Over the course of the three years, I installed cassette radios, speakers, and amps in over half of the students cars. My senior year, I took a part time job at a local stereo shop installing in anything and everything. I once put a stereo in the air conditioned cab of a huge tractor. This included 4 6x9 speakers and a subwoofer. All of the cabinets for the speakers were custom made from wood and wrapped in carpet. The customer was so pleased. After high school, I went full time at the stereo shop and worked my way to manager before I had been there for a year. I was contacted by another shop in town, one known for being the best. I came on as Car Stereo Manager. I built one of the first push button car stereo displays in a room dedicated for car stereo. Their business exploded. Over the course of the next several years the owners decided to sell. I did not see eye to eye with the new owner as well as I did with the original owners and one of my reps asked me if I wanted to take a job as Inside Sales of a rep firm. I packed up my belongings and my dog and move to Houston where I spent several years with Factory Sales and Marketing, learning a whole new part of this business. Working with owners and understanding a lot more of the business side of the business. The late 80's things fell flat, business was thin and I was let go from the rep firm. Working at distributor selling over the phone, I met a guy opening a store in Aspen Colorado. My love for the mountains called and I packed up again and moved to El Jabel about 30 minutes out of Aspen and spent two years selling, managing, and doing home stereo installs on the side. Texas was still calling my name and I had a buddy getting married and was asked to be his best man. After two weeks of being back in Texas, I applied at Home Entertainment, a local chain of stereo stores, as a car stereo installer. Within three months, I became the shop manager and within a year started managing all of the chains installation shops. We took their car stereo business from 700K to over 3 Million in a few short years during the boom of the car stereo business at a time when all of the "Crank It Up" contests were so popular. After that I was called in to the owner's office and asked if I could do the same with homes as I had done with cars. They opened a Custom Installation Division with a separate showroom that showed off the best of the best in what you could do with homes. Multi-room audio was also displayed. We had one of the first Frox systems installed and for the times, it was an exciting system and business was booming. The company wanted to take that success to their store locations to expand business. A separate installation division was created and I moved to be a sales/system designer at the store level. Over those three years, I led the company in sales, breaking sale records, and improving on profit margin each year. The owner decided to sell the company and I left to pursue the same position with Cello Music and Film(Cello Technologies later) being exposed to some of the highest end systems that existed at the time. Two years in and the company was folded and I found myself looking for a job. My wife asked me if I wanted to start my own company. I figured that all of the experience that I had gathered would allow me to be successful.

That was 20 years ago! Fast forward to today. I enjoy a successful business serving higher end residential and commercial clients, being able to install some incredible systems.

I am at the stage of life where I would like to give back to the industry that has been so good to me. I would like to be able to share my experience to other companies that would like to get another angle, take their systems to another level, and forget about having to program the complex systems in today's world. I bring close to 40 years of experience in this business to the table.

My RTI programming experience actually started with programming Leixcon touch panels and Integration Designer was called Lexidraw. RTI entered the scene with the T1 and RP-6 package that was revolutionary for its time. RF remotes were just hitting the scene and after years of programming Pronto remotes and having to point them at a remote sensor, it was welcomed with open arms. If it can be controlled, I have programmed RTI to do it. I have been continuing to learn over all of these years just what RTI can do. It amazes me to this day to find something that I did not know either about the software or hardware side of things, but they are there. I am in the process of learning APEX and all of its capabilities, to continue in my pursuit of controlling electronics in this crazy world that we live in.

As well as RTI, I can program Lutron Radio RA, Vantage lighting, and a host of other sub systems.

If you are interested in talking about how I might be able to help you take your business to another level, please PM me and I can contact you at your convenience. I am open to consider anything!

If you made it this far, thank you for reading my story and considering this concept. I have a lot to offer.


Rhea(Ray) Robison
Lukos Electronic Environments, Inc.
(832) 236-9805
[email protected]

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