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Post 9 made on Friday December 6, 2019 at 00:46
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On December 5, 2019 at 13:15, Brad Humphrey said...
1) Why would you put in (3) 16 channel NVRs? WTF! You get more complications, no unified searching or archiving, notifications, storage management issues, etc... A single 48 channel NVR appliance (w/RAID), with a 48 port POE switch, would have been a LOT better solution. And probably not cost much more.

2) With the NVR(s) on the network, their is software to manage the NVR(s) locally from their office (that give even more functionality than the direct view menu in many cases these days). They didn't need the KVM switch, all the extra black boxes, dedicated lines, and mess/trouble that 'could' popup from that.

Unless this was a system you did 15+ years ago, I do not agree with your design at all.

(1) The NVRís were installed individually over the last couple years, not my customers but a good friends. I was called in to do an overnight to clean up the comms room installing a proper rack etc this year when I noticed the the USB extender and HDMI cable that ran to the owners office.

(2) Yes Iím well aware that thereís software available for a single user interface among multiple NVRís, thatís why I didnít walk about the design originally. A computer to run the software is on his roadmap for future upgrades. His I.T. Guy installed the kvm for local access to the corporate server and some other desktop thatís installed in the same room for security reasons. It had spare ports so the NVRís were connected.

As I said previously, this isnít my customer, I went in 5 years ago to a mess to help a friend upgrade a garbage surveillance system. Went from 7 analog to 16 IP. Didnít think Iíd ever go back, didnít want to. Comms room was a mess. A year later I get a call he wants 16 more but thatís it. No money for rack or cleanup either. Fine, whatever. It repeated for a third time and then I put my foot down. No more until we deal with the room, that was this summer.

The customers budget is as pleasant as your attitude has been from all your assumptions.  Iíve never uploaded pictures but I do have a before and after from this summer on the cleanup.  As Iíve said itís been about 5 years but after his clean up the customer is finally starting to come around and see that heís on the right track now.  I never thought it would get this far so Iím quite pleased.  Sorry the pictures would add some contrast to the post.

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