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Post 18 made on Wednesday December 4, 2019 at 11:41
Ernie Gilman
Yes, That Ernie!
December 2001
On December 3, 2019 at 20:37, Brad Humphrey said...
WOW. It has been taught in audio classes for decades - DO NOT PUT 2 CENTER CHANNELS IN!!!
This causes comb filtering. Which is bad! If you think you don't hear a difference, you haven't demoed it (A/B) to yourself to hear.

I know you use to have a good 2ch setup at your house. Do you have something setup you can play with this, to see for yourself. Especially listen how the sound changes dramatically from seat to seat with 2 centers installed vs. 1. If you have an RTA, look at the comb effect it is creating to the response.
I promise you, you will never mistreat a customer by doing that again.

Interesting. Theory indeed says this should be a problem.
It should be a problem with the center channel information of any system that has to use "a phantom center" setup, that is, center information is shared equally by the two channels.

It should be a severe problem whenever a stereo system plays monaural sound, but I've never heard, nor ever even heard OF, the problem being an issue during monaural playback. "This monaural content should never be played on a stereo system as comb filtering will result." That's a warning I've never seen.

Heck, it should be a problem with ANY system where the sound coming from the left and right speakers is not COMPLETELY different. If the soundstage presents a signal "positioned" midway between the center channel and the right speaker, it will do so by sending signals of equal level to the center speaker and the right speaker, there should be bad, bad, bad comb filtering over there on the right. And of course this goes for the left, too. In fact, in the days of Pro Logic, where some front signal always bled into the rear channels, this should have been a problem on the sides.

I agree that it should have been a problem. The fact that I've never heard of it being a problem tells little about it as a problem, just tells something about the particular audio esoterica I've been exposed to. But Brad, did your sources EVER talk about comb filtering between anything but two center speakers?
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